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"The very best one to utilize is from chickpeas," says Aguilar. "This can be used when baking, making meatloaf, or actually at any time you need an egg to bind your active ingredients. It's an excellent way to make your eggs last a bit longer." Shutterstock, Paul Klaassen, chef and owner of Hen, Dough in Hendersonville, North Carolina, suggests blending your freezer meals with some originalities.

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"You can thaw out a couple of at a time or make a big family-style meal when you're prepared." If you're looking for a method to make veggies last longer right now, Klaassen states that root vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots freeze surprisingly well and add a quick, healthy side dish to any meal.

"Make certain that the foods you stockpile on are things you'll in fact consume," states Dar Woon. "Then make a meal plan that includes some of those items each week. Turn your stock, and prevent replenishing your less-than-favorite products." Shutterstock, Have a campfire cookout in your backyard when the weather condition allows.

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"For the meat-eaters, try an ember-roasted pork chop," he says. "I like to make a nice rub from whatever spices I can gather. Coat the pork slice well after it marinates for a bit and then cover it in foil." When the fire has constructed up a great base of radiant coal, put the pork chop down in them and let it prepare for a bit.